DOCS MAJOR FUEL (Idgy) - OWNED BY GAILEEN BABCOCK (scroll down to view images)


District 3 Pole Bending Season Leader

* Reserve Pole Bending Champion at the 2011 Alberta High School rodeo finals (Winning 2 out of 3 rounds)
* Placed 4th in the second round of pole bending at the National High School Rodeo Finals
* Reserve Canadian Champion Pole Bending Horse (running our personal best - 19.8 sec run)

* At Cloverdale rodeo we placed 4th the first round. In the second round we placed 3rd, finishing 4th in my pool (pool B). In the short go we placed 5th over all.
* In the CPRA we placed runner up for the ladies barrels racing rookie award.
  Idgy was unable to compete the rest of the season due to a fall at Ponoka Stampede.


* Qualified for Wild Rose Rodeo Finals only going to about 10 rodeos:  but was unable to compete on Idgy as she suffered a broken navicular bone. So my sister lent me her colt (Possible Muffett- I won all 5 rounds, fast time, average and 2007 Championship)
* Won the Ladies Barrel Racing Permit Award for the 2007 Canadian Professional Rodeo Association

2006 - The first year I owned Docs Major Fuel (or Idgy)

* Diamond N Ranch Barrel Racing Futurity & Derby, we placed 2nd the first go, 4th the 2nd go and 6th in the short go, placing 5th over all.
* Made the Wild Rose Rodeo in the ladies barrel racing, going to only 10 rodeos. At Finals, I placed 2nd in the first three rounds, then won the last two rounds, winning the average, fast time and 2006 Championship.
* Peace Country Barrel Racing Finals - we won 1st in the 1D junior barrels.
* Thorsby Derby - we won the first round , 5th in the second round, went into the short go in 2nd place. Got 4th in the short go and finished 2nd overall.
* Placed at Wild Rose Rodeos in the Ladies Barrel racing quailifying for finals
Gaileen Babcock & Docs Major Fuel - 2011 Canadian High School Finals Reserve Pole Bending Champions
Gaileen Babcock & Docs Major Fuel - 2011 Canadian High School Finals Reserve Pole Bending Champion
Gaileen Babcock & Docs Major Fuel (Idgy)
Gaileen Babcock & Docs Major Fuel (Idgy)

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